Artist Statement

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I am a self-taught artist who works both abstract and figurative. For me it's two completely different ways of painting, but it is also a good characteristic of me as a person. The organized, the serious, the humoristic and playful person. 

In my current figurative work my main character is a skeleton - the basic structure of the human being. One reason is my view of impermanence. Nothing is permanent and the only thing we know for sure is that one day we will die. But our body is only a shell. Our mind continues its journey.

Another reason is that we are all almost exactly the same, when we remove clothing, skin, sex and flesh. The ego is gone.

Besides that, I have a great interest in human anatomy and physiology. And of course the beauty of the human body. When I look at a simple bone from a skeleton, I see the most amazing sculpture.

When working with skeletons, it is not death that is in focus, even though it may seem that way. Instead, I see it as a celebration of life


Tanya Alvits

Artist Statement

I paint because I cannot resist doing so. My works are not created to please others or to meet what is in right now. I go my own way.

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